Buy seasonal pass for the entire year

The seasonal pass can be purchased in the museum shop. The pass is personal and can be used when you wish too visit the historical and artistic exhibition, the café, the yearly medieval fair, organ concerts, the antics and design fair, as well as the yearly Christmas fair. The pass CANNOT be used when attending theatre productions, concerts or lectures held at the monastery.

 We offer two kinds of seasonal passes; the first allows entry of the owner of the pass, the second allows entry of the owner of the pass along with three guests.

 Both season passes gives a 10% discount at the shop when shown at purchases. The seasonal pass is in accordance to the calendar.

 Regular seasonal pass: 225kr.

Seasonal pass, Gold: 550 kr. (pass owner + 3 people).


Standard entry fee

Adults:                                 95 kr.

Children, age 0-6:                 Free

Children 7-14:                      45 kr.


Christmas fair weekends, with access inside the monastery’s private estate:

Note! Additional cost on entry fee and no available discounts:

Adults:                                110 kr.

Children, aged 0-6:               Free

Children, aged 7-12:            50 kr.


Guided tours, between 10 am and 5 pm: 1200 kr + entry fee

Guided tours minimum 20 people

Guided tours may be requested on phone, at 98 99 40 11 or via email, at


Group discount for 10 people or more

When paying collectively 10% discount is applied to the sum of the entry fee


Guided tours without prior reservations in July

Historic tour with Anne Rottbøll – every Tuesdays and Thursdays at 01.00 pm (danish)

Entry fee with guided tour:

entry fee + 30 kr. (adults)

entry fee+ 15 kr (children)