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At Børglum Kloster something new happens all the time! Below you can see a bit of what we can offer.

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Andy Warhol at Boerglum Abbey- Screen printing and posters

Experience more than 50 works by Andy Warhol, this summer at Boerglum Abbey.

Hardly anyone could have predicted that the little boy Andrew Warhola, born in 1928 to a poor Slovak immigrant family in Pittsburgh, would become the 20th century's most famous artist and pop culture's most prominent icon.

However, this is how it turned out for the man who, under the name Andy Warhol, became the portraitist of celebrities, the darling of New York, the forerunner of provocative art and the most distinguished interpreter of American mass culture.

Educated in advertisement, Warhol's artistic focus throughout his life was the aesthetics of mass production,

and he quickly went from painting on canvas to printing his motifs on silk and as graphics, in order to depict mass production in both his art, and also in the mass production of the art itself.

Warhol's most famous artwork depict a can of Campbell's tomato soup, and he had this motif reproduced in large numbers.

This, and the fact that he christened his studio 'The Factory', helped to underline his fascination with the mass media, and the power and progress of advertising in the 1960s 's.

Børglum Kloster is proud to present this extensive collection of Warhol's works, which covers most elements of his motifs.

Here are depictions of superstars and drag queens, of Chanel bottles and Mickey Mouse, but here are also works with a direct connection to Denmark,

such as Queen Margrethe II and H.C. Andersen. "Andy Warhol at Børglum Kloster", is a unique opportunity to expand the understanding and knowledge of one of the greatest names in art history.



The Exhibition shows Screen printing and posters

Opening hours:

april 1 -april 10 & april 29.-august 27.

Art exhibition: Bodil Dam and Brigitte Schreuder

Kunstudstillingen kan opleves fra lørdag 29. april

Creatures from Bayeux
Bodil Dam

Sculptor Bodil Dam is a member of the Danish Society of Sculptors, DBS and Kvindelige Kunstneres Samfund, KKS.

I work in stoneware and bronze. Most of the sculptures in this exhibition are created in stoneware clay.

The sculptures are inspired by the many creatures found in the Bayeux tapestry. Most of the sculptures have a certain creature on the wallpaper as a reference. However, I have also added 'a little here and there' in the process of converting the two-dimensional into three dimensions.

The many mythical creatures fascinates me, especially because we also find depictions of dragons, vultures, manticores etc. in medieval frescoes, and also because people really believed in existence of such creatures.

On the Bayeux wallpaper there are many of the two-legged dragons which are actually called Wyverns, they may be connected with the fact that it is also the type that is found on some of the shields of the warriors on the tapestry.

The manticore is a lion with a human face and a poisonous tail. The maticor is a dangerous creature that was said to eat people. The griffin is a combination of the king of birds, the eagle, and the king of animals, the lion.


Architecture in clay ’23 -Bayeux revisited

Brigitte Schreuder

Brigitte Schreuder's works of art are mainly towers, temples, altars and other architectural forms.
She finds her inspiration from both classical and Roman architecture, but also the places where this architecture is at home.
Brigitte Schreuder's works are never a copy of an existing building, as the works primarily reflect her interpretation of the architecture.


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