The Abbey is closed due to covid-19

It is with great regret that we have to cancel the Christmas opening hours in 2020.

We have cancelled the christmas opening hours due to the government's closing of cultural institutions in northern Denmark.

We are very sorry about this development, and we hope to see you again in 2021.


Protect yourself and others ❤


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Winter Holiday. 8.2 - 23.2 (10:00-16:00)

  • Experience Børglum Abbey. All the exhibitions are open for visitors.
  • Celebrate Fastelavn with Krumme from Hjørring and the Wolf from A-Z - 22.02 14.00

Easter 4.04– 13.04, 10.00-17.00

  • Experience an unique art exhibition 'FRA ARNOLDIS ATELIER' (FROM ARNOLDIS ATELIER)
    by Per Arnoldi. The exhibition is available from 04.04.2020-23.08.2020

Summer. 1.05 - 18.10, 10.00-17.00

  • Experience an unique art exhibition 'FRA ARNOLDIS ATELIER' (FROM ARNOLDIS ATELIER)
    by Per Arnoldi. The exhibition is available from 04.04.2020-23.08.2020
  • Experience an unique art exhibition 'Så hænderne synger' (The hands sing) by Ib Grønbech) 
  • The Medieval Market - Welcome back to The Middle Ages! - friday 19. june & saturday 20. june & sunday 21. june.

    Friday June 19, 12.00-17.00

    Saturday June 20 and Sunday June 21, 10.00-17.00

  • Guided historic tours:

Tuesday and Thursday in July - guided tours with the owner Anne Rottbøll (only in danish).                  

Wendsdays in July - guided tours with the owner Hans Rottbøll on modern farming (danish and english) 

All guided tours starts at 1.00 pm.   

  • Organ matiné in the old Abbey Cathedral

Wendsdays in July - Every Organ matiné starts at 2.00 pm

  • Fall art exhibition 'Haute peintour' :  12.09-18.10

  • Børglum Kloster Living - market in antique, retro, living, health, food and drink - Date not yet released

Christmas market - 4 weekends + 1 Evening. 

  • 1. Christmas market -weekend 20.11, 21.11 og 22.11 kl 10.00
  • ''Christmas in all its glory'' 24.11.2020, (16.00-20.00) Experience the fireworks - 20.00
  • 2. Christmas market -weekend 27.11, 28.11 og 29.11, kl 10.00
  • 3. Christmas market weekend 5.12 - 6.12, kl 10.00
  • 4. Christmas market weekend 12.12 og 13.12,  kl 10.00

Please note that the private rooms of the estate, as an exception, are open for visitors on this one occation only and during the event 'Christmas in all its glory.

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June 19 - October 18 'When the hands are singing' - Art exhibition by Ib Grønbech

The art exhibition 'When the hands are singing' by Ib Grønbech can be experienced from June 19. until October 18.

The art exhibition presents Ib Grønbech's works with stone sculptures and driftwood art

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Permanent exhibition The Bayeux Tapestry

On the first floor, you may see an exact copy of the famous Bayeux Tapestry, made by local women.

You may see the tapestry up close, experiencing the vibrant colours that resemble the original colouring of the tapestry in Bayeux and the incredible craftsmanship put into the woven fabric, presenting us with the history of the Battle of Hastings; a battle wherein the local Vikings was very much involved.

The tapestry is more than 70 meters in long and took 9 local women 15 years to recreate. 

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permanent exhibition Resistance leader Captain Christian Michael Rottbøll

Experience our new exhibition about the resistance leader captain Michael Rottbøll.

Called 'MIk' by his close friends and family, Christian Michael had a short but eventful life that brought him to first to Argentina, then Finland as an volunteer in The Finnish Army and finally to England where he was trained as a special agent before he returned to Denmark to lead the danish resistance. He was killed the 26th of September 1942 06:12


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Permanent exhibition The Art of Fashion – a new fashion exhibition at Børglum Monastery

High Necklines, low cuts, short or long?

Women’s fashion has changed a lot throughout the last 100 years, going from one end of the spectrum to the other, and them back again. The Art of Fashion is a entirely new fashion exhibition at Børglum Monastery, where you are able to experience the changes of fashion throughout the last 100 years.

To be fashionable and modern has meant many different things throughout the last century, as fashion evolved through upturns, economic crisis, world wars and cold wars. The iconic fashion designers have through this century affected the fashion of their time in their own way, as the female role in society also changed immensely.

What was deemed fashionable around the first part of the century, which was greatly inspired by the Art Nouveau style? How should you dress in the roaring twenties? What was the latest trend in Paris during the 1940s? What was “elegance” in the 1960s?.

What effect did the Second World War have on women’s fashion and their role in society?

The answer to all of these questions you may discover by visiting our new exhibition, which brings you on a journey through fashion of the last 100 years.

The exhibition showcases dresses and other fashion items that represent the main fashion tendencies of their time, making it possible to discover what was deemed beautiful and aesthetically pleasing throughout the 20th century.

The exhibition will be open for visitors from Saturday the 29th of April 2017. The exhibition will become part of the Monastery’s 15 other permanent exhibitions and may be visited during the normal opening hours.

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