Café Vognporten - Børglum Abbey Café

Menu, brunch and afternoon tea


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Welcome to Boerglum Abbey

Welcome to Boerglum Abbey ☺☺ ♥

Corona passport, a negative corona test or face masks are no longer requiredwhen you visit.❤❤😊

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Experience more than 15 exhibitions.

See, among other things, the new art exhibition by Finn Grabowski in our large exhibition hall in the renovated horse stable. The art exhibition is entitled Art exhibition - 'At the end of the rainbow - The rainbow painters in Løkken' 

Experience also the art exhibition by Lars Ibsen and Lars Kalmar Kastanje. The exhibition can be experienced on the 1st floor of the renovated horse stable from 30 April. Read more about the exhibition here.

New historical exhibition in the Lapidarium. This exhibition tells about the building history of the abbey  and the old cathedral. Read, among other things, about the Børglum stone, the old cathedral, experience the reconstructed triforium and read about when Brother Eskild went to Rome to get a papal dispensation to move the abbey buildings.

Café Vognporten has a new menu!

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Winter Holiday: 12. February -27. February (10.00-16.00)

Easter: 9. April-18.April(10.00-16.00)

Summer:  30. April-23. October (10.00-17.00)



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Permanent exhibition The Bayeux Tapestry

On the first floor, you can see an exact copy of the famous Bayeux Tapestry, made by local women.

You may see the tapestry up close, experiencing the vibrant colours that resemble the original colouring of the tapestry in Bayeux and the incredible craftsmanship put into the woven fabric, presenting us with the history of the Battle of Hastings; a battle wherein the local Vikings was very much involved.

The tapestry is more than 70 meters in long and took 9 local women 15 years to recreate. 

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permanent exhibition Resistance leader Captain Christian Michael Rottbøll

Experience our new exhibition about the resistance leader captain Michael Rottbøll.

Called 'MIk' by his close friends and family, Christian Michael had a short but eventful life that brought him to first to Argentina, then Finland as an volunteer in The Finnish Army and finally to England where he was trained as a special agent before he returned to Denmark to lead the danish resistance. He was killed the 26th of September 1942 06:12


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Permanent exhibition The Art of Fashion – a fashion exhibition at Børglum Abbey

Women’s fashion has changed a lot throughout the last 100 years, going from one end of the spectrum to the other, and them back again.

The Art of Fashion is a entirely new fashion exhibition at Børglum Monastery, where you are able to experience the changes of fashion throughout the last 100 years.


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Permanent exhibition The lapidarium

The old Cathedral and the Premonstratensian Abbey

Børglum Abbey church was a build as cathedral in the medieval period, and kept its status as a Cathedral until the protestant reformation.

The old Cathedral was physically larger than it appears today.

This exhibition is about the history of Børglum Abbey’s buildings before the Reformation, with a specific focus on the old cathedral.


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