Art exhibition by Lars Ibsen and Lars Kalmar Kastanje

Art exhibition by Lars Ibsen and Lars Kalmar Kastanje.

The exhibition can be experienced on the 1st floor of the renovated horse stable from 30 April

Lars Ibsen

As an architect, I have always been interested in design and shaping.
In my work with ceramics, I am free to experiment with colors, surfaces, aesthetics and expression, and it is a pleasure every time I succeed in creating the result that I imagined.

To experiment is to tread new paths and find a way.

-Lars Ibsen


Lars Kalmar Kastanje

In his paintings, Lars Kastanje experiments with acrylic paints and Japanese paper, where he has developed his very own special technique.

From the beginning, Lars Kastanje has decided on the motif and the choice of color, which must describe exactly the narrative and feeling that will complete his work. His images are influenced by surroundings and fictional phenomena, where the expression is imagination and humor and the intention is to evoke emotions, as well as inspiration and contemplation.

- Peter Thygesen - Navnerdaktør - Politiken

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Café Vognporten - Børglum Abbey Café

Café Vognporten is looking forward to offering delicious food in the 2021 season.

Café Vognporten has a completely new café menu! Read the full menu here

Are you considering a trip by group or bus? See Café Vognporten's offers for buses and groups here

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Welcome to Boerglum Abbey

Welcome to Boerglum Abbey ☺☺ ♥

Corona passport, a negative corona test or face masks are no longer requiredwhen you visit.❤❤😊

See opening hours here

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Experience more than 15 exhibitions.

See, among other things, the new art exhibition by Finn Grabowski in our large exhibition hall in the renovated horse stable. The art exhibition is entitled Art exhibition - 'At the end of the rainbow - The rainbow painters in Løkken' 

Experience also the art exhibition by Lars Ibsen and Lars Kalmar Kastanje. The exhibition can be experienced on the 1st floor of the renovated horse stable from 30 April. Read more about the exhibition here.

New historical exhibition in the Lapidarium. This exhibition tells about the building history of the abbey  and the old cathedral. Read, among other things, about the Børglum stone, the old cathedral, experience the reconstructed triforium and read about when Brother Eskild went to Rome to get a papal dispensation to move the abbey buildings.

Café Vognporten has a new menu! Read about the new menu here.

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4.9-24.10 Art exhibition - 'At the end of the rainbow - The rainbow painters in Løkken'

Experience the old Løkken painters at Børglum Kloster this autumn in the exhibition

'At the end of the rainbow - The rainbow painters in Løkken'

 The art exhibition with Løkkenmalerne at Børglum Kloster is made in collaboration with Løkken Museum and the exhibition can be experienced in the period 4.9-24.10.

The Rainbow

The artists' association ‘Regnbuen’ (the Rainbow), was formed by Chr. Valentinussen, Erik Larsen and Lars Nielsen in 1938. In 1938, the art dealer P. Krogh Geneser bought the disused lifeboat station on Sdr. Strandvej and inaugurated it as an exhibition building with a painted rainbow on the building, with exhibitions by these previously mentioned Regnbuemalere (Rainbow Painters).

At the end of 1938-42, this association expanded with a considerable number of artists. However, the development they set in motion lost its momentum two years after its inception, due to the German occupation. As a result, the Løkken exhibition ‘The Rainbow’ only had a short-lived golden age.

“One is tempted to draw parallels to the natural phenomenon that the rainbow is named after - that is, the fleeting refraction of light in the water after a rainstorm. One can only just manage to enjoy the color spectrum of the sky before it is gone again. One of those kinds of sensory experiences that must be enjoyed to the fullest, while it is happening. ”

The pictures can only support the memory of the people who made up the artists' colony, in Løkken.

The rainbow painters are represented at this exhibition with the following artists:

Ane Brøgger.     Tjek Jerne.      Erik Larsen.     Lars Nielsen.      Anders Norre.         Chr. Valentinussen.


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Winter Holiday

13. February -28. February (10.00-16.00)


27. March-5.April(10.00-16.00)


30. April-24. October10.00-17.00)

Christmas market - 4 weekends + 1 Evening. 

  • 1. Christmas market -weekend 19. November, 20.November og 21.November (10.00-17.00)
  • ''Christmas in all its glory'' 23.11.2020, (16.00-20.00) Experience the fireworks 20.00
  • 2. Christmas market -weekend 26.November, 27.November og 28.November (10.00-17.00)
  • 3. Christmas market weekend 4.December - 5. December  (10.00-16.00)
  • 4. Christmas market weekend 11.December og 12.December (10.00-16.00)

Please note that the private rooms of the estate, as an exception, are open for visitors on this one occation only and during the event 'Christmas in all its glory.


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June 19 - October 18 'When the hands are singing' - Art exhibition by Ib Grønbech

The art exhibition 'When the hands are singing' by Ib Grønbech can be experienced from June 19. until October 18.

The art exhibition presents Ib Grønbech's works with stone sculptures and driftwood art

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Permanent exhibition The Bayeux Tapestry

On the first floor, you may see an exact copy of the famous Bayeux Tapestry, made by local women.

You may see the tapestry up close, experiencing the vibrant colours that resemble the original colouring of the tapestry in Bayeux and the incredible craftsmanship put into the woven fabric, presenting us with the history of the Battle of Hastings; a battle wherein the local Vikings was very much involved.

The tapestry is more than 70 meters in long and took 9 local women 15 years to recreate. 

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permanent exhibition Resistance leader Captain Christian Michael Rottbøll

Experience our new exhibition about the resistance leader captain Michael Rottbøll.

Called 'MIk' by his close friends and family, Christian Michael had a short but eventful life that brought him to first to Argentina, then Finland as an volunteer in The Finnish Army and finally to England where he was trained as a special agent before he returned to Denmark to lead the danish resistance. He was killed the 26th of September 1942 06:12


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